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*** This Issue -- Special Preferred AirFares now available
*** by phone......Holiday Travel Tips.......Airfare Outlook - 1999

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Holiday Travel Tips -

1. Pack lighter than usual - Many carriers have begun enforcing
stricter "carry on" procedures, often limiting passengers to
only one carry-on bag.

2. More flight delays - We're continuing to see a larger than usual
number of flight delays due to the increase in number of people
flying. This began in early 1998 and will definitely increase the
number of delays for the 1998 Holiday season, which will be the
busiest Holiday season in recent years.

3. Call ahead to confirm flight - Be sure to check with the Airline
you're travelling with to confirm your reservations, monitor any
flight cancellations, and note flight delays. Airline phone numbers
will be VERY busy, so try to call early in the morning.

** Did you know that we have lower fares than on-line booking !!
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1999 AirFare Outlook -

1. Business travellers should see fares at the same lever as 1998.
Be sure to check with smaller, regional airlines who are aggressively
pricing fares to attract business travellers from the major carriers.

2. Leisure travellers (advance purchase, Sat. night stay fares)
will most likely see a rise in fares. Airlines continue to report
the highest booking levels they've had in years and less seat
availability will most likely affect leisure travellers.

Best advice to travellers - Buy Early  and use a travel professional
who can "shop" all carriers to find you the best deals.

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