sIgA in saliva

JeffK jeff.kessler at
Tue Mar 11 04:05:07 EST 2003

(1) what would be considered a CLINICALLY significant change in sIgA in

(2) Does anyone out there know anything about the MECHANISMS of the effects
of psychological variables on secretory IgA?
Specifically - I think, from what I've read, that stress/relaxation probably
mediates sIgA concentrations @ mucosal surfaces via a neuroendocrine
mechanism. If it is neuroendocrine mediated, then changes at one mucosal
surface should be paralleled by changes at all mucosal surfaces (i.e. common
mucosal immune system). (I'm not sure about this, I just can't see how it
could be a localised effect - any thoughts?). The only info I have been able
to find on the relationship between fluctuations in salivary IgA & IgA
fluctuations @ other mucosal surfaces is in relation to oral
vaccines/response to antigens, nothing on responses to psychological

So, does anyone have any comments on this?

Thanks in advance, JeffK

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