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Sun Mar 30 04:29:36 EST 2003

Dear readers of bionet.immunology newsgroup,

The group of researchers at the Department of Pediatrics of Lviv State
Medical University (Ukraine) is starting the development laboratory
protocol aimed to explore the potential for friendly probiotic enteric
bacteria to suppress pathogenic ones in vitro conditons. For that
purpose we essentially need an article to look through, that is,
McGroarty JA, Reid G. 1988. Detection of a lactobacillus substance which
inhibits Escherichia coli. Can J Microbiol 34:974-978. Unfortunately, we
can not retrieve it from our libraries, and therefore started looking
for contact information of the first author of the article. First, we
have located Dr McGroarty`s most recent position at the Glasgow
Caledonian University (UK) and contacted the Biology Department, where
she worked, but have been said that she no longer worked there. The
second author has been contacted by us earlier, before we located the
article above, and he has sent us other articles, so we can not venture
to ask him again for a new dispatching. The only way remains to find out
the paper is to request someone from newsgroups, who frequents decent
libraries somewhere in US or UK or elsewhere, where the information more
easily accessible, scan it, save as pdf and send to my email box. Of
cause, we know how many time is required for that, but nothing can
better do with our persistent problem, which keeps us waiting.

Kind regards,
Sergei Gerasimov
Scientific Team
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