[Immunology] Jurkat T cell stimulation

jayaseelan murugaiyan via immuno%40net.bio.net (by jayaseelan_74 from yahoo.com)
Thu Feb 21 14:35:35 EST 2008

Recently, I am involved in nonspecific stimulation of
Jurkat T cells with 10 ng/ml of PMA and 1 µM of
Ionomycin. After 4 hours of incubation in CO2
incubator shows a decline in cell number. After 24
hours of incubation, I noticed a cell death up to 60%
and IL-2 assay production was up to 90 pg/106 cells.
I would be happy, if some of suggest me, whether, I
should find increase in cell number along with the
IL-2 production.
I am looking forward for your valuable suggestions.
Thank you for your understanding.
With regards

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