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Read only to MEDFORUM bulletin board?

Una Smith una at sunSITE.unc.edu
Fri Apr 23 08:48:07 EST 1993

<FORSDYKE at QUCDN.QueensU.CA> writes:

>   MEDFORUM is the latest USENET addition. It has apparently been going for
>some time, but USENET access is new. It appear to be a "read only" board, as
>far as most of us are concerned, since one has to be a "subscriber" to post
>messages. This is a strange development, since usually subscriber status is
>automatic for anyone who has USENET access. Can anyone clarify the situation?

This is VERY clever!  I wish I'd thought of it myself.

MEDFORUM is an old LISTSERV mailing list that has now established a gateway
into Usenet.  Due to the popularity of the group, the current subscribers
are concerned that they might be overwhelmed with "I have this rash..."
postings asking for medical diagnoses etc.  So they have very cleverly used
one of the LISTSERV program features to build in a hurdle.  The plan is to
explain once a week or so how to get over this hurdle, so that only people
who actually read the group will figure out how to post there.  Below is the
explanation of how it works that was posted in bit.admin this week.  Note
that by "subscription" they mean subscription to the mailing list, via the
LISTSERV at ARIZVM1.bitnet, not merely reading via Usenet.  See my FAQ for help
with the listserver system:  it's posted in bionet.general, and available
via anon. ftp from rtfm.mit.edu as pub/usenet/news.ansers/biology/guide.


>From bit.admin:

At the request of the listowner, this gateway has been established.

MEDFORUM at ARIZVM1 is now available in Usenet newsgroup bit.listserv.medforum
which is moderated. The list itself is the moderator. Since the list is
set to "Send= Private" this means only *mailing list* subscribers can
post. The owner has agreed to send out a weekly post to the list telling
Usenet readers that they must subscribe to the list (and then set their
subscriptions to NOMAIL if they wish to read and post from Usenet) before
they can contribute to the discussions.

MEDFORUM is for discussions between medical students.

The moderator is medforum at arizvm1.ccit.arizona.edu.

For your newsgroups file:
bit.listserv.medforum   Medical Student Discussions. (Moderated)
Jim McIntosh (jim at american.edu)
The American University
Washington DC 20016-8019 USA


	Una Smith	una at sunsite.unc.edu

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