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To whom it may concern:

I would like to cooperate to do research with you. The proposed research
programe is enclosed.

Song Yunchun
Professor of Genetics

Song Yunchun
 professor of Genetics
 College of Life Sciences
 Wuhan University
 Wuhan 430072
E-mail:rennan69 at public.wh.hb.cn
           xuezhibi at public.wh.hb.cn


The Laboratory of Plant Molecular Cytogenetics

Work team:

There are one professor, two associated professors,one senior
engineer,six Ph D and four
Ms students in our lab..The head is Prof.Song,Yunchun

Research Interests:

   (1)physical mapping of the important function and economic character
genes inrice,maize and barley using in situ hybridization.
   (2)Comparative physical mapping among rice ,maize and barley using in
situ hybridization.
   (3)Characterization of alien introgression in wide-cross derivatives
and transgenic plants of rice, maize and barley
  (4)Analysis of arrangment and organization of genes in the single
chromosome, for example, chromosome No.4 in rice.
   (5)The programed cell death in plants

Project Discription:

   Up to now,the molecular genetic maps have been developed in some  cereal
crops including rice,maize and barley etc.However,the genetic map can only
show  the relative position and distance between the makers on the
chromosome.In order to  know the real position,distance and relationship
between the markers on the  chromosome,physically mapping them is

   In situ hybridization(ISH)is a powerful tool for physical mapping of
genes.We have improved the ISH technique and mapped many RFLP and cDNA
markers in rice and maize.The results showed that the genetic and physical
maps are different  from eath other.Two markers that covered a short
genetic distance might be  physically distant,and vice versa.The RFLP
markers were not distributed all along the whole length of the
chromosome,for example,the markers of linkage group 11 distributed only  in
the short arm of chromosome 11 in rice.Although the exact reason for the
differences  between the genetic and physical maps is still
unknown,according to the comparisons between  this two kinds of maps we
could obtain much deeper insight about the structure of the genome. Our
follow-up work is to physically map the important function and  economic
character genes including those dictating the resistances to
disease,insect,and  tolerance to low temperature,drought stress and soil
which contains rather high  concentration of salt,alkaline,and acid,etc.in
rice,maize and barley.Now we are developing  the sequential fluorescent in
situ hybridization(FISH)and chromosome G- banding  technique,and have
already obtained some success.In the next step,we will adopt the  technique
and use cDNA or molecular markers closely linked with these genes as probe
to locate  this genes onto the special band regions of a given chromosome.

   The objective is to construct a cytological map including the  important
genes in the cereal crops.This map will offer very important information
for developing the  rice biotechnology and understanding the organizations
and functions of the genomes in rice  ,maize and barley.This also will
closely connect the cereal crop research on the molecular level  with that
on the cytological level and promote the development of plant molecular
cytogenetics. There are many homologous segments of chromosomes among
rice,maize and  barley.To compare their physical maps is an effective way
for analysis of their  homogeneities.The knowledge about the homogeneities
will help us to recognize the  relationship of classification and evolution
among these crops.

    It is still unknown how to organize different kinds of genes oneach
chromosome.To study it deeply will increase the insight about fine
structure of chromosomes.     Developmental biology is a precursory field
in life science.It is  evident that the mechanisms of development could be
revealed by studing the time and space  changes of genome structure and
gene activities.

Vitae and Publication List
    Song Yunchun
    Collegy of Life Sciences
    Wuhan University
    Wuhan, 430072
    The People's Republic of China
    Fax:(027) 7813833

Education Background:
    1956-1961 Plant Genetics Speciality,
    Biology Department,
    Wuhan University
    (A five year schooling)

Professional Experince:
    1961-1978 Assistant, Wuhan University
    1978-1983 Lecture, Wuhan University
    1983-1989 Associated Professor, Wuhan University
    1989-present time Professor, Wuhan University

    Visiting Scholar, San Diego State University, USA, 1983-1984.
    Senior Visiting Scholar, USDA-ARS, University of Missouri, USA, 1992.

Areas of Experties:
    Cytogenetics, and Molecular Cytogenetics.

Membership in Professional Societies:
    Chinese Genetics Association
    Chinese Cell Biology Association
    Genetics Society of Canada

Publications Since 1986:
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