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Tue Feb 3 09:26:37 EST 1998

     American Cyanamid is a global crop protection product division of
     American Home Products, a Fortune 100 company.  American Cyanamid is
     in the midst of expanding its IMI* Crops program.  As part of this
     expansion, Cyanamid is seeking individuals to play integral roles in
     the development of crops tolerant to imidazolinone herbicides.
     Responsibilities include identification and implementation of genetic
     strategies to achieve herbicide tolerance in major crops as well as
     managing seed partner relationships.  Coordination of seed increases
     in line with herbicide registration and business timelines is another
     key responsibility.  The Product Development Manager will also ensure
     the completion of regulatory studies in accordance with registration
     requirements and manage a field trial program consistent with
     regulatory and business needs.  The position provides the opportunity
     to coordinate the activities of cooperator and company scientists to
     achieve product development objectives.  Qualifications for the
     positions include an advanced degree in the areas of cell biology
     (transformation), molecular biology and/or plant breeding (Ph.D. or MS
     with at least five years Research and Development experience), as well
     as excellent project management and communication skills.  Interested
     candidates should send a resume to American Cyanamid Company,
     Agricultural Research Division, P.O. Box 400, Princeton, NJ
     08543-0400, Attention Robert Morrison (morrisonr at pt.cyanamid.com).

     * Trademark of American Cyanamid Company.

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