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Mary Polacco maryp at teosinte.agron.missouri.edu
Wed Feb 11 12:57:26 EST 1998

For those of you who access Plant Genome data at the AGIS
servers of the National Agricultural Library, there has been a serious
security breach, which necessitates taking the service off-line
(see attached below) In the interim, please refer to the mirror site in the

-mary polacco
curator MaizeDB

   > >From: "Jon T. Krainak" <jkrainak at phage>
  > Subject: plasmid hacked
  > AGIS users,
  >Two of our system administrators received an E-mail this morning stating
  >that two of NAL's web servers were hacked into and trojan horse programs
  >be placed on each server.  Plasmid (Probe) was one of the servers.  As
  >of the hack the E-mailer sent the password file from Plasmid as an
  > attachment.  We,therefore, are taking the matter very seriously.  As a
  >result, Plasmid has been disconnected from the Internet.   CERT is being

  >notified of the attack.  An investigation is underway.  This means that
  >Plasmid will be unreachable via the Internet until the investigation is
  >completed and security on Plasmid is restored.
  >                                              Thanks,
  >                                                    -Jon
> Jon T. Krainak
  > jkrainak at nal.usda.gov
  > Phone (301) 504-5877
  > Genome Informatics Group
  > National Agricultural Library
  > 10301 Baltimore Blvd.
  > Beltsville Md. 20705

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