Donal O' Sullivan donal.osullivan at bbsrc.ac.uk
Wed Feb 11 13:00:05 EST 1998

Dear colleagues,

Has anybody worked with the maize inbred line LH82? Maize dB says its a
Holden line, now in the public domain, but that's all I can find. I would
like to know more about the agronomic characteristics of LH82 - for
instance, what virus, fungal, insect resistances does/should it have? Is
it considered particularly drought-resistant, does it mature relatively
early or late? Any phenotype data would be most welcome. As a newcomer to
the maize community, I'm not yet clued into all the available sources,
maybe someone out there can get me started ...
Also, do we know what genotypes are closely related to LH82?
Thank you!
Donal O' Sullivan
IACR, Long Ashton Research Station
Long Ashton
BS18 9AF

donal.osullivan at bbsrc.ac.uk

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