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Open Letter to the Maize Community on Genome Projects.

February 14th, 1998

Dear Colleague,

		   Several discussions have taken place regarding potential
projects on corn genomics that may be funded via the National Science
Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome Initiative. There has been a clear consensus
that coordination of the efforts among the successful applicants will be of
mutual scientific benefit, and will generate  more rapid progress toward
genomics-driven improvements in corn.

The creation of one large proposal on corn genomics, with many
co-investigators, was considered to be impractical. Instead, it is proposed
that multiple projects be submitted to the NSF by Principal Investigators
(PI's), along with related Co-Investigators, in the traditional,
competitive manner. However, these proposed projects would be related
through inter-relationships between PI's such that an efficient,
non-duplicative program develops. Following the final funding decisions
made by the NSF, the successful PI's would then agree to act in a
coordinated manner.

While we do not know today who the successful PI's will be, this letter is
an open invitation to participate in the proposed relationship scheme.
Involvement at this stage means that you would include a prepared document
as part of your proposal to NSF and, if funded, you would make a commitment
to be part of the overall program. The proposed plan document is available
on the internet at http://www.inverizon.com/ncgi/ or will be sent to PI's
as requested (contact details below). It is envisaged that, following the
NSF funding announcement, a workshop will be organized to discuss details
such as composition of the Scientific Review Panel and the Maize Genomics
Development Board.

Several PI's have already indicated support and we are pleased to have the
involvement of PI's from some of the international maize programs, in
mutual planning and coordination. If you know of any colleagues who we may
have inadvertently omitted, or who are not aware of this letter, then
please feel free to bring it to their attention. Comments and additional
suggestions are also welcome.

Please let us know your intentions to participate or otherwise by letter or


E. Coe, USDA-ARS, Columbia, Missouri
R. Mustell, National Corn Growers Association
J. McLaren, Inverizon International

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