maize mutant agt1

Marty Sachs msachs at uiuc.edu
Tue Feb 17 09:47:00 EST 1998

Actually, yes it is true that we don't have agt1 listed as being available
from us.  However, thanks to Mike Evens, agt1 seed was donated to the Maize
Genetics Cooperation - Stock Center last year.  Unfortunately, the seed had
poor germination and the few that grew gave very poor seed set, so we were
not able to grow enough of it yet to make it available for distribution
this year. However, we had enough to confirm that we have the mutant, see:
[http://www.agron.missouri.edu/db_images/Variation/KYSagt1.jpg], and we
were able to out-cross this mutant to several standards and have plenty of
heterozygous seed (Agt1/agt1).  We presently have the heterozygotes growing
in our winter nursery and they were self-pollinated, and we will plant
homozygous segregants this summer.  This mutant will appear on our list of
available stocks next year.

If anyone has seed that can be supplied until then, several people would
appreciate it.

		-Marty Sachs


At 12:06 PM +0000 2/17/98, Glyn Bengough wrote:
>Dear maize list members,
>I am writing as we are very interested in obtaining seed of the maize
>mutant agt1 (an agravitropic mutant, with a primary root that does not
>exude mucilage), and its wildtype relation. We would like to perform a
>series of  experiments studying the role of mucilage at the soil-root
>interface, and think these mutants would be particularly useful.
>We have been trying to track down authors that have used this
>genotype, but they have either moved on or have no viable seed left.
>The maize stock centre in Illinois also has no seed left.
>I would greatly appreciate any suggestions of how to obtain this
>maize seed, if there are any stocks left, or if there any alternative
>mucilage-free mutants that you know of.
>**Please reply directly to G.Bengough at scri.sari.ac.uk as I am not a member of
>this list.**
>Thanks for your help.
>Best regards,
>Glyn Bengough
>email G.Bengough at scri.sari.ac.uk
>Dr Glyn Bengough
>Soil-Plant Dynamics Unit
>Department of Cellular and Environmental Physiology,
>Scottish Crop Research Institute,
>Dundee DD2 5DA, Scotland
>Telephone: National 01382 568574 (direct line)
>Fax: National 01382 562426  International +44 1382 562426

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