Budget increase reflects increased funding for crops research

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Maize net audience:  please note that the following press release from the
National Corn Growers Association should have included a proposed $3 million
increase for the Agricultural Research Service (USDA) for genomics.
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>SAINT LOUIS, MO (February 20, 1998)  =BE  The $56 million dollars included
>in the Clinton Administration's 1999 budget request for plant  genomic
>research is  welcome news for the corn growing industry according to
>National Corn Growers Association (NCGA) officials.
>"We're elated the President's proposed budget request increases research
>funding in the strategically vital area of  plant genome research which
>is money well spent as an investment in  America's agriculture efforts
>to meet the challenges of the next century,"  says Ryland Utlaut, NCGA's
>president and a corn grower from Grand Pass, Mo.
>NCGA officials indicate that the requested funding for the following
>research programs, if  approved, will be beneficial to unlocking
>valuable plant DNA knowledge for potential use by the corn industry:
>*	$40 million for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Plant Genome
>Initiative.    Last year, the NCGA worked closely with Senator Kit Bond
>(R-MO)  to  successfully gain an initial $40 million appropriation for
>this program.  If approved, this budget request will ensure the
>continuation of this valuable initiative.
>*	$10 million for a new food genome competitive grants program requested
>by  the Secretary of Agriculture Dan Glickman and his science advisors.
>*	$3 million increase in genomics funding under the National Research
>initiative competitive grants program.
>*	$87 million for  the NSF's Knowledge and Distributed Intelligence
>Program.  This request reflects a $25 million funding increase from last
>year's budget.  These funds will be used for developing bioinformatics,
>which will manage the information derived from genome research work  and
>for functional genomics which discovers the function of genes.
>"We feel these proposed budget increases reflect NCGA's focused lobbying
>efforts during the past two years which have earned us the well deserved
>reputation as the champion of genomic research on Capitol Hill," says
>Colorado corn grower Tim Hume, an NCGA board member.
>NCGA will continue to work with the Administration and Congress to
>ensure that plant and animal genomic research obtains sufficient funding
>levels so  America's agriculture industry can develop the necessary
>tools to meet the challenges of the 21st Century.

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