Stuck in Chicago Airport for Maize genetics meeting.

Marty Sachs msachs at uiuc.edu
Fri Feb 20 15:55:38 EST 1998

I spoke with the Owl Bus Service and it is true that during the
'off-season' they only run on M,W,F; and they are not being at all flexible
about this.  I then spoke with the folks at Grand Geneva.  While they don't
have their own shuttle service, they are now aware of the problem and
looking into alternatives.  So far, one alternative that they suggested
that is only slightly better than the Limo Service at O'Hare is...

Solid Gold Limo service based in the Lake Geneva area.  Their rate is $125
per trip and they can fit up to three people.  Their phone number for
reservations is 1(414)723-8456.

If Grand Geneva comes up with any other alternatives, I'll pass them on.
I'm really sorry about any inconvenience that this may be causing you and

For those who can arrange it, shuttle connections from Mitchell Field in
Milwaukee are much better than from O'Hare.

		-Marty Sachs, Local Coordinator <msachs at uiuc.edu>

At 6:43 PM +0100 2/20/98, Gwyneth INGRAM wrote:
>I need to get from Chicago O'Hare Airport to the maize genetics meeting
>sometime after 6.30 pm on Thursday 19th March. I don't (want to) drive
>(alone in America), the bus service apparently doesn,t run on Thursdays,
>and a Limo costs $150. Is anyone arriving at around that time that wants to
>share transport costs or who I could hitch a ride with? I'm pretty
>Gwyneth.Ingram at ENS-Lyon.fr

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