Harvest Index in corn - my goof!

DND307 at aol.com DND307 at aol.com
Tue Feb 24 14:19:26 EST 1998

Actually, Thys and I agreed that southern OPVs might have had a relatively low
HI, although neither of us have data to prove it.

These little exchanges have started me to thinking again about the question,
how soon did HI get to 0.5 (about) in Corn Belt maize and why?  Or was it
there all the time?  How about the parents of Corn Belt maize, the northern
flints and the southern dents?  Anderson and Brown showed how different they
are morphologically (low ear vs. high ear, etc.) but didn't do HI on them.

Oh well, another question that won't be answered for lack of funding.

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