Harvest Index in Maize Landraces

Deborah A Muenchrath mnchrath at iastate.edu
Tue Feb 24 16:31:12 EST 1998

HI of OP cultivars native to the U.S. Southwest were about 0.5 in the
couple of studies I've done.

Perhaps HI around 0.5 is not a recent development.  Yes, there's much we
could learn from these cultivars if  funding were available!

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>Actually, Thys and I agreed that southern OPVs might have had a relatively low
>HI, although neither of us have data to prove it.
>These little exchanges have started me to thinking again about the question,
>how soon did HI get to 0.5 (about) in Corn Belt maize and why?  Or was it
>there all the time?  How about the parents of Corn Belt maize, the northern
>flints and the southern dents?  Anderson and Brown showed how different they
>are morphologically (low ear vs. high ear, etc.) but didn't do HI on them.
>Oh well, another question that won't be answered for lack of funding.
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