Maize in growth chambers

Scott Poethig spoethig at sas.upenn.edu
Wed Feb 23 16:06:34 EST 2000


I have grown corn in growth chambers and gotten it to shed.  Conditions;
16,000 watts high intensity halogen lamps (i.e. 16 x 1000 W lamps) in a
Conviron walk-in chamber, about 12' x12'.


>Dear Colleagues,
>	I have a question similar to Thomas Dresselhaus's.  Does anyone
>grow regular corn (Zea mays) in growth chambers and get it to shed pollen?
>If so, what are your conditions?  We are still searching for the ideal
>ideal conditions for meiocytes in the winter.  Thank you - and thank you
>everyone who responded to my question about Green House conditions in
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>University of California
>Berkeley, CA 94720
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