Induction of flowering in Tripsacum

Pierre Lejeune Pierre.lejeune at cropdesign.com
Thu Feb 24 11:55:55 EST 2000

Dear Thomas,

I don't know anything about Tripsacum, but I would make 2 suggestions:

1) Check the photoperiod (I suppose that you are using 12h ?), if it is a
short day plant, make sure that no light at all reaches the plant during the
night period (the threshold sensitivity of the photoperiodic system is just
above moonlight).

2) Could Tripsacum be a vernalization sensitive plant? If so, cold-treat the
seeds at 2-4ƒC on wet filter paper in darkness for a few weeks.

Good luck

"Dresselhaus, Thomas" wrote in message
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>Dear colleagues,
>does anyone have ever tried to grow Tripsacum dactyloides (a
>close relative of maize) in growth chambers. We have mimicked
>Mexican climate in our growth chambers and the plants grow
>nicely. Unfortunately they never form flower meristems.
>Any idea to induce flowering is welcome.
>Thomas Dresselhaus
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