The Society Name Change

Natasha Raikhel nraikhel at pilot.msu.edu
Mon Mar 6 17:08:21 EST 2000

Dear Colleagues,

A few months ago, ASPP created a page called "Comments on the Society 
Name Change" on its website (<http://aspp.org) and invited people to 
express  their opinions of whether or not the name of American 
Society of Plant  Physiologists should be changed to American Society 
of Plant Biologists. A  few people expressed their views, but only a 
few. I was the one who  suggested this change, so I was asked by the 
ASPP Executive Committee to  motivate people to express their views.

Whether you are currently an ASPP member or not, it would be very 
nice if  you would find a minute to express your view. I am appealing 
especially to  young professors, postdocs, and graduate students. A 
strong and active Society with a name that identifies its activities 
is essential  for our discipline to be successful and prosper. This 
is necessary for our  presentations before the U.S. Congress, for 
publication of our journals, and for establishing our (changing) 
identity. It is my personal opinion that it is very important for our 
Society to involve the community of young scientists who are making 
important discoveries in plant science to be active participants of 
our  Society and its decisions. However, I would also like to 
emphasize that  this participation is not only necessary for the 
Society itself, but it is  also crucial for the young generation as 
well. It is a two-way street.

Just changing the name will not change the substance of the  Society. 
On the other hand, changing the name and giving the society  broader 
appeal reflects what we really are today and may attract a larger 
share of the younger generation. I urge you to take a minute of your 
valuable time and express  your views on the ASPP web page. If the 
majority of people do not think  that it is a good idea to change the 
name, then it will probably not be put on the ballot. If the majority 
think that this change reflects the reality that the fields of plant 
biology that we cover extend much beyond plant physiology, then this 
question will be put on the ballot, to be decided by vote of the 

  Sincerely yours,
  Natasha Raikhel

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