Silking times

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Planting times will have an effect.  I feed beetles lots of silks every
year.    We'll harvest ears at an early stage, when silks are very long, but
still green.  They'll keep well in a refrigerator for a couple weeks, or
longer if you don't care about a little mold on the husks.  We'll have
husking days, where we remove the husks and separate silks from the ears.
The silks keep quite well in tupperware in the fridge (as do the milk and
blister stage ears, if you want those).

Give yourself an advantage by using several different planting dates of the
same maturity corn, or a couple planting dates with blocks of corn of
different maturities.  I've used both methods successfully.  A suggested
pattern would be planting a block of 100-day corn on May 1, May 15, May 30,
and June 1.

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This summer I am conducting an experiment with the corn rootworm.  For this
experiment, I would like to provide the beetles with a continuous supply of
corn silk as food.  I have considered planting corn weekly for a period of
several weeks, but what I have been told is that planting time will not have
a great effect on when silks will be produced.  I would require silks to be
present as early as July to as late as October.  Does anyone have any

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