corn growin' problems

Sally Ward sward at intron.icmb.utexas.edu
Mon Mar 13 18:13:50 EST 2000


I'm trying to grow corn in our Arabidopsis plant room (24hr light, 22oC)
and it's looking very strange.  The plants are 8wks old and have about 4
leaves that have unfurled, but the subsequent leaves are refusing to
unfurl.  These unfurled leaves are started to turn dark brown and are
dying.  I have fertilized them.

Would anybody be able to tell me what's going on?  Is it due to the low
temperature?  Can I save them?

As you can guess, I have next to no experience what-so-ever growning
corn, and I'm working in an Arabidopsis lab, so if anyone could give me
some general tips I would REALLY appreciate it.  I'll be planting out in
the field in spring.

Thanks very much,


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