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Positions available at the Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant

The Institute for Plant Genetics and Crop Plant Research is a leading
research centre for plant genome research
(http://www.ipk-gatersleben.de/englisch/ipken.htm). In the context of
further increasing our research activities in the area of barley
genomics we are seeking four dedicated, creative and cooperative
post-doctoral scientists to work in a program focusing on the
development of molecular resources for barley improvement. They will
become members of a larger group that includes molecular biologists,
geneticists and bioinformaticists working on EST development, gene
isolation, structural genomics, and expression analysis. The IPK barley
genomics program builds on a highly developed technical infrastructure
established at the Plant-Genome-Resources-Centre

Position 1: "Analysis of gene expression"
Aim of the project is the systematic analysis of gene expression during
barley seed germination. Based on cDNA libraries from various tissues of
developing and germinating seeds, EST-sequence and oligo-nucleotide
fingerprinting information, a cDNA chip for expression analysis will be
developed. The main focus of the project is the construction of
multi-parallel expression-profiles with RNA-probes from specific stages
of seed germination and probes from malting experiments under various
conditions. The ability to work in different computer environments is a
plus, especially in conjunction with experience in DNA-array technology.

Position 2: "Generation of a unigene set"
The candidate will be responsible for the establishment of a
non-redundant collection of EST-clones of barley. Based on sequence
information from EST-clones, cDNA arrays will be constructed enabling
multi-parallel expression analysis with various target probes. The main
focus is on the development of a barley ìunigeneî set and the production
of arrays. Data handling and management is of great importance and will
be carried out in close cooperation with the local bioinformatics group.
Familiarity with software tools for DNA sequence analysis is required.

Position 3: "SNP development"
This project aims at the utilization of barley ESTs as a resource for
the development of a set of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) markers
to be mapped in the barley genome. SNP development and detection will be
carried out mainly using the TMHA (temperature modulated heteroduplex
analysis) method based on denaturing HPLC. Moreover, the candidate will
be involved in a collaboration to develop and to apply high throughput
methods for SNP-analysis of barley germplasm. Candidates should be
familiar with genetic mapping procedures and PCR technology.

Position 4: "Construction of a transcript map"

This project aims at the construction of a high density cDNA map which
will form the basis to provide anchor points for the establishment of
physical maps of selected chromosomal regions, to localize a set of
candidate gene on the genetic map of barley and to create a framework
for the in silico analysis of grass synteny. Mapping will be based on
the genetic analysis of three DH-populations which will be merged to
construct a consensus map. Candidates should be experienced in
systematic molecular-mapping including data processing and map

Terms of employment
Successful candidates are expected to interact with many researchers and
students. Therefore, capacities to collaborate and to communicate
efficiently are essential. Effective oral and written communication
skills in English and German (optional) are required. Position holders
are expected to work independently and to guide a research technician
who is available for each project. They should hold a PhD in genetics,
molecular biology or a related field and have documented their expertise
by a corresponding publication record. Further qualifications include
demonstrated experience in knowledge management, communication and
facilitation skills. The terms of employment will be in accordance with
the terms for the scientific staff at IPK. Each position is initially
based on a 3-year contract with the possibility of extension based on
positive evaluation. The salary is depending on experience and
qualifications in the range of 70.000 DM per year. Interested
individuals are encouraged to submit their CV together with a list of
publications and two references (address, e-mail, phone)

Further information/submission of applications:
Andreas Graner
Corrensstrasse 3
D-06466 Gatersleben
Telephone: ++49 39482 5521
Fax: ++49 39482 5155
E-mail: graner at ipk-gatersleben.de


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