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Wed Mar 15 10:48:32 EST 2000

A research assistant/associate position in the lab of Garth Patterson is
available immediately.  We study development and signal transduction in
C. elegans using a variety of genetic and molecular biological
techniques. For more information, see:

Patterson, G. I., and R. Padgett. 2000. TGF-beta-related pathways
control development of C. elegans.  Trends in Genetics 16:27-33

and a description of my research on the web at:


The exact nature of the position will depend on the skills of the person
hired, but I want to find someone to perform some of the following:  C.
elegans strain construction and phenotype analysis, PCR, cloning, RNA
preparation and gene expression analysis,  microinjection of worms for
transformation, and gene mapping.  The position requires a bachelors
degree and laboratory experience.  Ability to work independently to
implement and troubleshoot techniques and experiments are pluses.
Ability to maintain computers and web pages is a plus.

This position pays a competitive wage commensurate with experience.
Since the responsibilities of the job are flexible, this position is
appropriate for someone with extensive experience or a recent graduate
who wants to gain more research experience.   This position is supported
by a grant that runs several more years.

Rutgers University is located in Piscataway, NJ.  We are close to NYC,
for those of you who value big city ambiance, but costs are reasonable
and living is easy.

Please send a CV/resume including the names and information for
contacting three referees to:

Garth Patterson
Rutgers University
Dept. Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
Nelson Biological Labs, Room A231
Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone:  (732) 445-7181
FAX  445- 7192
patterson at waksman.rutgers.edu

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