Jean Luc GATARD jeangat at club-internet.fr
Fri Mar 24 01:52:09 EST 2000

Dear sir, madam,

We are an experimental garden devoted to various minor crops, 
especialy vegetable.

I contact you about an ornamental corn described in various gardening 
books with a picture, but I never find it anywhere. It's Zea mays 
var. gracillima 'variegata'.

Common strawbery corn are easy to find in various shade of colors, 
but the variegated form is extremly hard to find.
It's a different plant than the usual variegated corn, lower and rramified.

Can you give us a possible source or is it maintained in your institution?

Many thnks in advance for your help.

Sincerely yours

J.L Gatard
Experimental Garden
Les ouzinières

jeangat at club-internet.fr

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