Maize Cooperators

Ed Coe coee at missouri.edu
Mon Mar 27 23:47:32 EST 2000

Important Note to Maize Netters!

A Maize Genetics Executive Committee is to be elected by the
"Maize Cooperators" community in the near future, by email
ballot.  "Maize Cooperator" names are drawn from the following:
   Subscribers to the Maize Genetics Cooperation Newsletter.
   Attendees at the annual Maize Genetics Conference.
   Persons who ask to be identified as "Cooperators".

If you wish to participate in the election, but are unsure
whether you are listed as a "Cooperator", you should look up
your listing at
and check the Attributes field.  If your listing needs
corrections in this or any other parts please email
particulars to me.

Ed Coe
coee at missouri.edu

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