Plant Biochemistry Summer Course

michael kahn kahn at wsu.edu
Wed May 16 13:53:49 EST 2001

2001 Plant Biochemistry Summer Course
July 8-21, 2001
Washington State University, Pullman, WA

Funds are still available to offset travel expenses for participants
from the USA.

The DOE/NSF/USDA Triagency supported Plant Biochemistry Research and
Training Center at Washington State University will conduct a training
course in plant biochemistry July 8-21, 2001.  The course is intended
for graduate students, postdoctorals, faculty, and industrial
scientists, and will include instruction by approximately 40
internationally-recognized plant scientists (see below). For further
information and an application form, see
http://ibc.wsu.edu/Events/2001_Course.html or contact Ms. Karen
Maertens, PBRTC, Institute of Biological Chemistry, 285 Clark Hall, P.O.
Box 646340, Washington State University, Pullman, WA 99164-6340;
telephone 509-335-5496; fax 509-335-7643; or at maertens at wsu.edu

The course is designed to teach fundamental principles and recent
advances in areas including structure-function of plant organelles; ion
transport; photosynthesis; carbohydrate and lipid biosynthesis and
metabolism; nitrogen fixation and amino acid metabolism; synthesis,
catabolism, physiology and mechanisms of plant hormones; synthesis and
catabolism of unique plant products such as terpenoids, alkaloids,
cyanoglucosides; phenylpropanoids; signaling mechanisms in plant defense
responses; metabolic regulation; protein synthesis and intracellular
targeting of macromolecules.

Faculty include:
G.H. Neil Towers, Botany, University of British Columbia-Vancouver,
R. James Cook, Plant Pathology, Washington State University-Pullman,
Ned Friedman, Biology, University of Colorado-Boulder,
Bridgette Barry, Biochemistry, University of Minnesota-St. Paul,
David Oliver, Botany, Iowa State University-Ames,
David Kramer, Inst Biological Chemistry, WSU-Pullman,
Jack Preiss, Biochemistry Michigan State University-East Lansing,
Steve Huber, USDA, Crop Science and Botany North Carolina State
Karen Koch, Horticulture Science University of Florida-Gainesville,
Frank Loewus, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Carroll Vance, USDA, Plant Science Research Unit, University of Minnesota
Erin Connolly, Biological Sciences, Univ South Carolina-Columbia,
Tom Leustek, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Cook College, Rutgers
Michael Kahn, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
John Ohlrogge, Botany, Michigan State University-East Lansing,
John Browse, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Jan Jaworski, Department of Chemistry, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio,
Kent Chapman, Biological Sciences, University of North Texas-Denton,
Rodney Croteau, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Kevin Walker, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Peter Facchini, Biological Sciences, University of Calgary-Canada,
Richard Dixon, S.R. Noble Foundation, Ardmore, Oklahoma,
Norman Lewis, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Jan Miernyk, Plant Genetics Research Unit, Univ Missouri-Columbia,
A. Lacey Samuels, Botany University of British Columbia-Vancouver
John C. Rogers, Washington State University,
Vincent Franceschi, NMR Center, Washington State University
Howard Grimes, Molecular Biosciences, Washington State University
Mark Jacobs, Department of Biology, Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania,
Clarence A. Ryan, Inst Biological Chemistry, Washington State University
Gregg Howe, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan St ate University
Linda Walling, Biology, University of California-Riverside,
John Mundy, Institute of Molecular Biology, University of Copenhagen,
Justin Scheer, Inst Biological Chemistry, WSU-Pullman,
Luca Comai, Department of Botany, University of Washington-Seattle,
Ellen Wisman, MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory, Michigan State
David Rhodes, Department of Horticulture, Purdue University
Diter von Wettstein, Crops and Soils, Washington State

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