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Hannah, Curt LCHannah at mail.ifas.ufl.edu
Wed Sep 19 08:41:12 EST 2001

Dear Colleagues

	With this letter, I wish to bring to your attention an outstandingly
attractive position we currently have available in our department.  The
position is described below.

	We are looking for an excellent plant biologist, particularly 
one with an interest and expertise in the basic processes of 
molecular, cellular or developmental biology.  The position has a 
number of excellent attributes:

-   12 month appointment,
-   an extant well equipped laboratory,
-   a state-supported Senior Biologist,
-   teaching load consisting of a course designed by the successful candidate.

	This is a wide open, entry level, assistant professor 
position.  I believe that this is an excellent opportunity; hence, I 
ask that you consider this position or pass this letter on to your 
former and present post-doctoral associates and students as well as 
others whom you think qualify for this position.

	Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.


L. Curtis Hannah
UFRF Professor

An Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution

L. Curtis Hannah

UFRF Professor, Graduate Program in Plant Molecular
and Cellular Biology  &  Horticultural Sciences

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources"
                   -- A. Einstein

"Something is profound if it reaches conclusions I like by methods I don't

                  --- A. H. Sturtevant

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