Temperature treatment to kill maize seeds

Marty Sachs msachs at uiuc.edu
Mon Dec 9 10:23:44 EST 2002

Dear Maize Netters,

I received the following message requesting information and/or 
references about heat treatment that could kill corn seed. Please 
help if you can.

At 6:05 PM +1100 12/9/02, Tony.Pryor at csiro.au wrote:
>	Some bloke from the AQIS is having to write up a case for importing
>pop corn and whether the popping temperature kills all seed including some
>that doesn't explode.  Can you easily lay your hands on a reference as to
>the temperature sensitivity as in lethality, of maize seed.  I can find all
>sorts of data on moisture content and popping temperatures, but do you or
>any of the other maize gurus there have sterilization temperatures of maize
>seed at their finger tips. A reference would be helpful.
>Tony Pryor


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