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Thomas Brutnell via maize%40net.bio.net (by tpb8 from cornell.edu)
Fri Jun 8 06:47:25 EST 2007

June 8, 2007

Dear Maize Cooperators,

As many of you know, we have been developing a sequence-indexed  
collection of Ds insertions (http://www.plantgdb.org/prj/ 
AcDsTagging/).  Each line contains one or two novel Ds insertions  
that are maintained in a uniform W22 inbred line.  To date we have  
generated sequence flanking approximately 900 Ds insertion sites.  We  
are actively developing resources to make screening this collection  
user friendly.  These resources include several periodically updated  
web pages:

A  BLAST page to query our fDs collection with your favorite genes or  
BACs, etc. of interest:

Ds insertion sites mapped to BAC assemblies:

Ds insertion sites mapped to GSS assemblies:

We have also generated a browsable list of putative gene insertion  
sites using the MAGI assemblies and their gene annotation as a  


We invite and encourage the maize research community to explore the  
collection.  Seed stocks for all lines are currently available and  
can be ordered from the Brutnell lab ($40/line academia; $100/line  
industry).  You will need to fill out an order form (http:// 
www.plantgdb.org/prj/AcDsTagging/order_instructions.php )and we will  
distribute approximately 10 seed to you.  All Ds insertions segregate  
1:1 in our testcross populations, so you will need to self pollinate  
all the plants to ensure recovery of the Ds insertion and to uncover  
recessive mutations.  When you order a line we will also propagate  
the materials in either our summer or winter nursery to ensure that  
the seed stocks are maintained and to provide you with additional  
seedstocks (@100k) once we harvest the bulked materials.  None of  
this material is transgenic and no MTA is required.

Please keep in mind that this is a growing collection.  Each month  
for the next 2 + years we will be placing approximately 200 new Ds  
insertions on the physical map, so check back often!

Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Tom Brutnell, Boyce Thompson Institute, Cornell University
Erik Vollbrecht, Iowa State University
Volker Brendel, Iowa State University

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