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  1. [Maize] Postdoctoral Position - Bioinformatics   Roger Wise
  2. [Maize] Frontiers in Sexual Plant Reproduction III conference announcement   Ravi Palanivelu
  3. [Maize] Genomics Assisted Breeding workshop in PAG (14th Jan, 5.40 pm- 7.50 pm)   Varshney, Rajeev
  4. [Maize] International PAG Ontology Workshop 14 January 2008   Pankaj Jaiswal
  5. [Maize] Plant Databases booth at PAG   Claire Hebbard
  6. [Maize] Meet with Gramene At PAG   Claire Hebbard
  7. [Maize] 3 post-doctoral positions on identification of molecular networks for yield increase in Maize   Gerrit Beemster
  8. [Maize] Genomics Assisted Crop Improvement volumes published   Varshney, Rajeev

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