[Maize] Post doc positions at CSHL in maize developmental biology and genomics

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Tue Oct 1 11:04:13 EST 2013

Postdoctoral positions in maize developmental biology and genomics- Jackson lab, CSHL.

NSF funded postdoctoral positions are available in Dave Jackson¡¦s lab at Cold Spring Harbor Lab, New York, USA.  One project will use genetic and genomic approaches in maize to understand the effect of natural variation and drought stress on maize inflorescence development and architecture. The second project will develop fluorescent protein reporter lines in maize, including a new transactivation system, and use these tools to investigate maize shoot and inflorescence development.
Our lab uses state of the art imaging, genomics and developmental biology techniques to understand signaling in meristem development, using Arabidopsis and maize as model systems.
CSHL is a highly interactive environment for biological research, with outstanding facilites and in easy reach of New York City.

If you are interested, please contact me at jacksond from cshl.edu<mailto:jacksond from cshl.edu>.  Also see our website, http://jacksonlab.cshl.edu/index.html

Some recent publications from our lab:
Bommert, P., Je, B., Goldshmidt, A., and Jackson, D. (2013). The maize G£\ gene COMPACT PLANT2 functions in CLAVATA signalling to control shoot meristem size. Nature, 2013 Sept 11.

Pautler, M., Tanaka, W., Hirano, H.Y., Jackson, D. Grass Meristems I: Shoot apical meristem maintenance, axillary meristem determinacy, and the floral transition. Plant Cell Physiol., 2013 Feb 14.

Bommert, P., Nagasawa, N.S., Jackson, D. Quantitative variation in maize kernel row number is controlled by the FASCIATED EAR2 locus. Nature Genetics, 2013 Mar; 45(3):334-7.
Xu, M.X., Wang, J., Xuan, Z., Goldshmidt, A., Borrill, P.G.M., Harihanan, N., Kim, J.Y. and Jackson, D.  Chaperonins facilitate KNOTTED1 cell-to-cell trafficking and stem cell function. Science, 333: 1141-1144..

Whipple, C.W., Kebrom, T., Weber, A.L., Yang, F., Hall,  D.H.,  Meeley, R. B., Schmidt, R.J., Doebley, J., Brutnell, T.B. and Jackson, D.P. grassy tillers1 promotes apical dominance in maize and responds to shade signals in the grasses. Proc Natl Acad Sci Plus, 108 (33) 13375¡V13376..

Eveland, A., N. Satoh Nagasawa, A. Goldschmidt, S. Meyer, M. Beatty, H. Sakai, D. Ware, and D. Jackson (2010).  Digital Gene Expression Signatures for Maize Development, Plant Physiology 54:1024-39.

Satoh-Nagasawa, N. Nagasawa, N., Malcomber, S., Sakai, H., and Jackson, D. (2006).  A Trehalose Metabolic Enzyme Controls Inflorescence Architecture in Maize.  Nature 441: 227-230.

Dave Jackson,
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory,
1 Bungtown Rd.,
Cold Spring Harbor,
NY 11724   USA
tel 516 367 8467
fax 516 367 8369

lab website: http://jacksonlab.cshl.edu/index.html

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