Cheung C. Yue ccy at po.CWRU.Edu
Tue Feb 4 15:50:24 EST 1992

In a previous article, muriana at aclcb.purdue.edu (Peter M. Muriana) says:

>	If I had a <mixed> DNA probe of <unknown> sequence, such as that 
>	which may be obtained by bacterial genomic subtraction, yet the
>	amount of subtracted/mixed probe obtained was too little to obtain
>	sufficient detection using chemiluminescence labelling.
>	Could this mixed probe be amplified using a PCR adaptation similar
>	to an oligo-labelling, except with Taq polymerase instead of 
>	Klenow and excess random primers?  (even though the product may
>	not identically represent the proportions of probe present in the
>	original mixed probe).

I don't see why not, except I would probably ligate an adapter sequence
to the ends of the probe sequence (e.g. Science 246:780) and use that as
the PCR primer.  Similar approaches have been applied to cDNA previously.


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