alternative to Whatman 3MM paper to dry gels: summary

Song Tan tan at
Thu Feb 10 12:21:19 EST 1994

Thanks to everyone who replied to my request for alternatives to Whatman 3MM
paper for drying down sequencing and bandshift gels.  The suggestions made

1.  Ordinary blotting paper available from stationery stores.
Ed Rybicki (ed at
Barbara Grossmann (dr277 at

2.  S&S (Schleicher and Schuell) blot block GB002 paper (about 70% the price of
Whatman 3MM paper, at least in our catalogs).
Roger F. Anderson  (rander at

3.  Gel drying paper from USB (cat # 84555).
Barbara Grossmann (dr277 at

4.  Paper found between X-ray film (e.g. yellow/gold colored paper from
Amersham, thin and smooth).
Frances Hannan (flh at

5.  "Generic" 3MM paper from Fisher Scientific.
Gail Simmons (simmons at

6.  Dry gel directly onto glass plates and expose in box (i.e. not in X-ray
Randy P. Rasmussen  (Rasmussen at
Don Back  (BACKD at QUCDN.QueensU.CA)

Ed Rybicki's and Barbara Grossmann's idea seems so obvious now.  I'm going to
try and pick up some blotting paper this weekend.  Many thanks again!

Song Tan
Institute for Molecular Biology and Biophysics
ETH-Honggerberg (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)
8093 Zurich, Switzerland
email:  tan at

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