Brian Foley brianf at
Thu Feb 17 15:03:31 EST 1994

Seth Findley (findley at U.WASHINGTON.EDU) wrote:

: Could somebody email me the address and commands for accessing FAQs data 
: for this newsgroup?

Via GOPHER:  Navigate to IUBIO  (North America, USA, Indiana, IUBIO)
             Navigate to Search Network News (News, search network news)
             Search for FAQ

	     Look around in the directory /usenet/bionet/molbio/methods
             The FAQ is not there as a file, but perhaps you would
                be able to find it within one of the months' archives.

Via e-mail:  ??  It's been so long since I did it that way that I don't
		know the answer any more.  Anyone else?.  I'm sure Don
		Gilbert is too busy keeping his Gopher and other projects
		running to reply here, but there must be someone else
                who has recently done this.
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