Inducible promoter in vivo

Brian Foley brianf at
Mon Feb 28 09:07:33 EST 1994

William W.-G. Jia (wjia at wrote:
: Hi there,
:     I wonder if anyone out there can tell me which inducible promoter works
: best in vivo?

	We need more information.  Do you want a mammalian cell system?  
A plant cell system?  A yeast system?  Or and E. coli system?

	Even within these broad groups, some inducible promoters are 
"better" for some things and some are "better" for others.  By "best" do 
you mean highest level of expression?  Most reproduclible level of induction?
Lowest background in non-induced cells?  Or other factors?

:     Thanks in advance.

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