Disposable tissue "sampler"

David MacHugh dmachugh at mail.tcd.ie
Mon Jun 16 09:50:55 EST 1997

Hi, - a quick DNA sampling query.

We are faced with a large number of tissue samples (thousands!), from
which we need to extract DNA.

We are trying to think of a low-cost disposable plastic (?) device which
allows routine removal of a minute tissue portion suitable for direct DNA
extraction.  Medical biopsy needles are far too expensive for this
project.  A throw-away plastic punch-type object would be ideal.  It
should be possible to place each sample into a microcentrifuge tube or one
of the wells of a microtitre plate.   The other critical requirements are
reasonable sample uniformity and minimization of cross-contamination.

Has anyone been faced with a similar problem?  Does anyone have
suggestions for suitable devices or consumables?

Thanks in advance..

David MacHugh.

Genetics Department,
Trinity College,
Dublin 2.

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