Western & Eastern & Far Western & other blots

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Mon Oct 23 20:04:57 EST 2000

In a seminar Ethan Signer showed a slide of a blank gel that he called an
Eastern blot: you meditate, repeat the mantra, and the bands appear...
.>Subject: Re: Western & Eastern & Far Western & other blots

>Thanks to all of you for serious and less suggestions! Next week we are
>starting with the Carbohydrate or Eastern blots

Carbohydrate blots are not uncommon among glycoheads:  antibody, lectin or
small-molecule-crosslinkers (e.g. NHS-digoxygenin) can be used to probe
polysacccharide or glycoprotein gels. CHO-CHO interaction might also be
possible (see the work of Valerie Vreeland)

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