PCR trouble with Pfu

Duncan Clark junk at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Tue Apr 22 03:05:37 EST 2003

Historians believe that in newspost <b7mikq$d8k4$1 at netnews.upenn.edu> on 
Thu, 17 Apr 2003, Luk Vandenberghe <REMOVEMElucv at mail.med.upenn.edu> 
penned the following literary masterpiece:
>Duncan Clark wrote:
>> Historians believe that in newspost <3E96E3C6.1020304 at REMOVEua.es> on 
>>Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Rafael Maldonado <rmaldonado at REMOVEua.es> penned the 
>>following literary masterpiece:
>>> Expand, one of the enzymes used, is a mixture of Taq and something 
>>>they don't tell you.
>>   Pwo.
>In the US they had to replace Pwo with Tgo for patent reasons.

Ah Stratagene no doubt.

>I was told that Pwo and Pfu were actually identical as to their AA 
>sequence; not sure if that is right.

They are according to the sequences deposited in EMBL. No idea why Pfu 
and Pwo behave differently though, unless Pwo is native with additional 
proteins present in the 'purified' protein prep. Bit like Turbo Pfu.


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