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Two media are routinely used: Green Top Agar and Peptone Yeast Extract or
Meat Extract agar with Sodium Acetate.
      Green Top Agar  per liter:
                      Yeast Extract              2 gm
                      Tryptic Pepone            1 gm  
                      Sodium Acetate          1 gm
                      Soil Extract             200 ml
                      Agar                         15 gm            pH 7.4

             Soil Extract           75 gm African Violet Soil in 200 ml
D.I. water.   
                                         0.5 gm Sodium Carbonate 0.5 gm
                                                     Autoclave 2 Hrs -

               Peptone Yeast Extract  or  Meat Extract  Agar

                               Tryptic Peptone           1 gm
                               Yeast Extract              2 gm
                               Beef Extract                2 gm
                               Sodium Acetate           1 gm
                               Agar                          15 gm        
      pH = 7.5

            Additional recommended supplements:
      glutamic acid    thiamine    biotin   ammonium phosphate  

                 The prepared media or sterile extracts are available from
                 Randolph Biomedical  - 401-826-1407.

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