PCR for food analysis, help

MikeC12053 mikec12053 at aol.com
Sat Apr 1 08:16:34 EST 1995

>Can anyone help me with names and addresses of companies producing
>PCR products for routine food microbiology analysis. I have a student
>interested in undertaking comaprative studies of test kits as an M.Sc
>project, but our local suppliers are a little behind on the latest
>products and companies. Any help would be much appreciated (comments on 
>any experiences using them too!).

Chris, DuPont (Wilmington, DE) is the only commercial company with a PCR
kit for food analysis that I am aware of. It is for Salmonella, but I'm
not sure on its availability. It requires approximately a 24 hour culture
enrichment, followed by an 8 hour PCR enrichment and gel electrophoresis
for detection. There have been a few publications on the topic, none from
commercial sources

I hope this helps

Mike Curiale  MikeC12053 at aol.com. 

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