RCR rumenDNA

Rohan A VanTwest rvantwes at uoguelph.ca
Mon Apr 3 11:57:58 EST 1995

 Dear Netters

  Can someone give me any information on the use of PCR to detect 
Fibrobacter succinogenes and other anaerobic cellulolytic bacteria from the 
bovine rumen.
  The  protocol which I use requires 65 cycles to form a product(500bp) 
that can be  detected by electrophoresis and staining with EtBr. Also the 
primer concentration is a high 200 umol/L compared to the usual 0.05 to 
  The forward primer is  24 bases long and is a rDNA specific sequence 
described by Aman et al 1990 J.Bac.172:762-770.
  The reverse primer is an universal E.coli rDNA sequence.

 We are hope to use this protocol as a lab exercise in our 4th year 
Microbial Ecology course. 

Thanks in advance

Rohan van Twest
Dept of Microbiology
University of Guelph
Guelph Ontario

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