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In article <tschmidt-3003950243480001 at schmidt.mph.msu.edu>, tschmidt at msu.edu (Tom Schmidt) writes:
>Variations in the copy number of rrn operons (encoding the ribosomal RNAs)
>in Bacteria and Archae, is one of the topics being considered in an 
>article that I am writing.  I have accumulated a number of examples from
>the literature documenting the variation from 1 to 10 copies, and would
>like to make the list as comprehensive as possible.  Frequently,
>determination of rrn copy number is a sidelight of a study, and so not
>accessible through title or keyword searches.  If you know of any studies
>where rrn copy number was determined, I would certainly appreciate you
>sending the name of the organism, the copy number and a reference.  Kindly
>address replies to tschmidt at msu.edu.  Thanks.

I am afraid I can't really help you with suggesting studies but I would be very
interested in reading your article when it is published.  I am working on a 
project in which we are using Ribotyping for identification of bacteria.  Our
identification scheme depends on relative intensity of bands as well as

A.J. McCardell
mccardaj at esvax.dupont.dnet.com

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