Delft School of Microbiology - come in South Africa!

LESLEY LESLEY at dutsf29.stm.tudelft.nl
Mon Apr 3 03:42:10 EST 1995

The Delft Family Tree (in preparation to mark the 100th Anniversary
of Beijerinck being made a Professor) is growing well ( >300 names),
but some branches are sadly empty. We know that at least one Delft
PhD student became a Professor in South Africa - J.P. van der Walt.
If anybody worked with him (or anyone else with Delft associations),
please contact me.

L.A.Robertson at stm.tudelft.nl

Dr. L.A.Robertson
Kluyver lab for Biotechnology
Delft University of Technology
Julianalaan 67, 2628BC, Delft, the Netherlands
31 15 782355

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