Possible Junior research project

Russ Mc russmc at aol.com
Sun Apr 2 22:43:10 EST 1995

I'm a non-practicing microbiologist (I work as a Software Engineer), and I
was at home the other day thinking as I made dinner.  I did some work with
Dr. Tom Chrzanowski and Dr. Robert Sterner at UT Arlington along with Dr.
Jim Elser from ASU, mostly nutrient recycling and stuff modelled after
Anderson's work.

Anyway I thought that it might be a good project for an undergrad research
topic to study the effects of garbage disposals on microplanktonic
populations in fresh water ecosystems.  I don't know how much if any work
has been done on this. but when I left school, there seemed to be a lot of
interest in nutrient cycles.

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