What are the BIG questions??

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Mon Apr 3 21:21:40 EST 1995

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> What are the big questions in cell/micro/molecular bio? Any opinions?
> Thanks.

Pick Im.  Don't fool yourself into thinking we know alot about any of
these subjects.  Basically we have created common descriptive definitions
so we can talk about some of the phenoemna we observe but basically we
dont know squat.

In cell bio  1) How do cells decide what to actually do with hundreds of
signals impacting on them at once?  2) How does stuff move around in the
cell?  3) How do hardwire neuaral connections get made before birth? 4)
When does a cell know when to divide?  5) Why doesn't a skin cell become a
fingernail? etc etc

In microbiology 1) how many kinds of organisms are there?  2) What is
life? (i.e a prion?) 3) What is an anmimal? plant? in between?  4) Why
don't we all die from infections? etc etc

In molecular biology 1) how do extracellular factors communicate with
nucleus? 2) how do promotors work in conjunction with all the other
promotors in eucaryotic cells? 3) etc etc

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