Strep B

Jeremy Carson carsonj at ozemail.com.au
Tue Apr 4 06:13:22 EST 1995

davispau at ACC.WUACC.EDU (davis paul h) wrote:
 >I was curious about a strain of bacteria known as "Strep B" which infects 
 >new-born infants.  I guess it's supposed to cause major problems in 
 >infants.  Does anyone know what type of Strep this is, and what problems 
 >does it cause?  Thanks in advance,
 >Paul H. Davis
Strep B is shorthand for Streptococcus agalactiae. This bacterial pathogen
falls into the serogroup called Lancefield group B, hence Strep B. The pathogen
is the cause of mastitis in cows and is also a cause of neonatal sepsis in
humans. In the latter case, infection is often acquired from the mother during
birth. Streptococci with characteristics of Strep agalactiae and possessing a
Lancefield group B antigen are also a cause of disease in certain species of
estuarine fish off the US coast.

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