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>> Recently while reading a couple of parers I came across two bacteria:
>Pseudomonas sp. K  and
>> Pseudomonas sp. NCIMB 40135.
>> What is the difference between the K and NCIMB 40135 (also came across NCIB) ?
>> Is there a quick or reasonably straight forward way of cross referencing
>these, to find out if they are
>> the same bacteria being talked about or if they are different a
>discription of each?

>I'm not exactly an expert but here is my bet stab at it:

>The "sp" stands for species which I always read as the authors either
>didn't try or couldn't be sure as to the exact species of psuedomonad they
>were working with. In their classification they only got down to as far as
>Psuedomonas.  Incidently, "sp" designation props up rather often, not just
>after Psuedomonas.

>As to the K and NCIMB designation: They are isolate/strain designations.
>For instance the K might be the the first initial of the person who found
>it or it could be that they labeled their strains with letters of the
>alphabet as they found them. The same also goes for NCIMB 40135. It could
>also be the designation given to it by a depository who received the
>strain from a researcher or even another institution.  

NCIB stands for National Collection of Industrial Bacteria
NCIMB stands for National Collection of Industrial and Marine Bacteria

NCIB became NCIMB a while ago.

Jason Brinck,
School of Biochemistry,
Birmingham University, UK

>Good luck.

>George Munson
>BMBCB, Northwestern University
>Evanston, IL   USA   

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