Strep B

Cain Dean caind at ERE.UMontreal.CA
Wed Apr 5 15:30:37 EST 1995

In article <D6BpFD.JrM at rockyd.rockefeller.edu> "John C. Robbins" <robbinj at rockvax.rockefeller.edu> writes:
>davispau at ACC.WUACC.EDU (davis paul h) wrote:
>> I was curious about a strain of bacteria known as "Strep B" which infects 
>> new-born infants.  I guess it's supposed to cause major problems in 
>> infants.  Does anyone know what type of Strep this is, and what problems 
>> does it cause?  Thanks in advance,
>> Paul H. Davis
>Best to contact researchers at the Channing Labs at Harvard Medical 
>School for the latest on this pathogen.

Yup, this is Streptococcus agalactiae, indeed a group B streptococcus, 
which causes, amongst other nasty stuff, abortion, skin abcesses, 
meningitis, and also septicemia from time to time. Now, this isn't half 
as bad as that %&*$#@!! group A strep, Streptococcus pyogenes 
(which can become the "skin-eating bacterium" that is so popular nowadays). 
Later :)


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