What are the BIG questions??

Ulrich Melcher umelcher at bmb-fs1.biochem.okstate.edu
Wed Apr 5 11:54:17 EST 1995

jbwatson at students.wisc.edu (jbwatson) wrote:
> In microbiology 1) how many kinds of organisms are there?  2) What is
> life? (i.e a prion?) 3) What is an anmimal? plant? in between?  4) Why
> don't we all die from infections? etc etc
Questions 2 and 3 appear semantic (and thus not "big") to me. 
 Words like "life", "animal", "plant" are invented by us humans
to describe phenomena we are confronted with.  There is no absolute
truth to figure out, only some working agreement between us all
 as to what these words mean or do not mean.

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