Help! PenicillinG process design project. Please.

Stephen Lewis Fischer slf11 at columbia.edu
Wed Apr 5 20:19:21 EST 1995

Dear Sir or Madam:	

We are having problems getting information for our senior design project,  
producing penicillinG. If you know anything about the subject or know 
where we can get more info please let us know at am83 at columbia.edu or 
slf11 at columbia.edu.

We are in dire need of answers to the following questions:

What is the Price of Penicillin-G?

What is the solublity of pen-g in Amyl acetate, water or butyl acetate (the 
encyclopedia of solubities volume on antibiotics only has the its 
solubility in acetone and alcohols)

What should the buffer to pen-g ratio be after the first and third 
extractions?  And what are the buffers?

Does anyone know how much it costs to licence a strain from Pan Labs?

Can Liquid Oxygen be used to cool solvent streams or other substances? (...or
would this be an occupational hazard?)

After crystallization and precipitation steps, what is the water content of  
pen-g potassium?

Does anyone know if it is more effective to crystallize pen-g in a batch or 
continuous process?  How did Pfiser's Pfaulder glass-lined 
crystallization tanks work?

We are proposing to use liquid oxygen to aerate the fermentation.  Is 
liquid oxygen sterile enough to use without first filtering and 
sterilizing it?

We thank you in advance for any help or advice that you may provide.


Aelan Mosden and Stephen Fischer

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