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sysop at microbiol.org sysop at microbiol.org
Thu Apr 6 05:29:02 EST 1995

IK>Some time ago I wrote a Mac program for managing strains, clones, oligos,
IK>sequences, lab notes, buffers and methods. You can chose just the strain
IK>management option or any combination of the above options. It also does
IK>some simple calculations for oligos (Tms using one of 3 different formulae,
IK>concentrations, molecular weights etc), buffers (concentrations, densities,
IK>etc), and radioisotopes. Other features include voice verification of
IK>sequence data input, easy keypad entry of sequence data, the ability to
IK>import or export sequence data in a variety of different formats, and a
IK>scientific calculator.

IK>You didn't mention in your posting whether you needed a Mac program or a PC
IK>one, but if you are interested in a copy of the program I have described
IK>I would be happy to send one to you.

IK>Karen Usdin
IK>National Institutes of Health
IK>Bethesda, MD, USA.


I run a BBS (The Microbiology BBS) that is dedicated to collecting such
programs and making them available to everyone at a central location.  I
would appreciate it if you could send me this program, and any others
that would be of interest to microbiologists (in the broad sense -
mycology, immunology, fermantation, etc).


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